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Trademark and Copyright Podcast

As a tech attorney working with online businesses and business owners, I have learned that there is a lot of confusion surrounding intellectual property. What it is, how to secure it, protect it, license it, or sell it.

I recently sat down with my friend and Kinney Firm client, Joe Casabona, owner of Podcast Liftoff and host of the podcast of How I Built It to discuss the trademark and copyright basics that every business owner should know so they can one day share their own, "How I Built It" story.

This podcast answers frequently asked questions like:

What's the difference between a trademark and copyright?

What are the federal filing fees for them?

What could I expect for the cost of attorney's fees to federally register my intellectual property?

What's the difference between the TM and ® symbols and when can I use them?

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

The Kinney Firm assists with trademark and copyright application filings on a flat-fee basis. If you have further questions or would like legal assistance, you can self-schedule and pre-pay for your consultation online, through the Kinney Firm site.

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