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Rian Kinney

Rian Kinney is a privacy and compliance attorney and founder of Kinney Firm, a published author with books for sale on Amazon, a national and international public and panel speaker who has spoken at numerous conferences and webinars including: WordCamp US, Pressnomics, The American Bar Association, WordCamp Roma, an entrepreneur founding eCommLegal, and has appeared on numerous podcasts discussing privacy, contracts, and how to CYA: Cover Your Assets.

Below is a collection of press and links about Rian Kinney:


How often do you think about privacy? Does it bother you to get a text/email you didn't sign up for? How about an ad that's a little too close to home? In this episode of Privacy Lawls, we discuss why people (and businesses) should care about online privacy and the consequences of ignoring it.

On November 1, 2019, Privacy attorney Rian Kinney presented Privacy: How to Survive aCCPAcalypse 2020 at WordCamp US in St. Louis to discuss the importance and impact this privacy law will have on digital agencies and their clients as well as some compliance tips and privacy considerations.

Florida Bar - EASL , Data Protection and Legal Ethics

I sat down with BobWP to record a privacy podcast about common Privacy and GDPR and eCommerce issues facing online businesses and their owners.

We discussed issues like:

  • How much can we rely on the privacy updates that came with WordPress 4.9?

  • Can the do-it-yourselfer handle it themselves?

  • What are two of the most overlooked areas of privacy?

  • How do you maintain your privacy policy?

  • How can developers protect themselves from issues involving client-built sites?

  • What else would you like to add to the conversation about privacy?

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