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Patient Like A Panther

I recently had an interaction with a fellow Realtor regarding a property I have been trying to get into see over the course of several months. The vacant property has been listed since October and is available for viewing, by appointment only. All of the four separate occasions I have tried to schedule a viewing to fit into a trip I was already making to Fort Lauderdale, the other agent cannot meet within the time frame I have available and I tell them I will try again next time I am heading down. The last time we had this interaction she closed with, “thank you for your patience.”

I am not patient. I am driving your price down. You listed at $2,000 a month, you’re already down to $1,800. Take all the time you need, I am patient… patient like a panther.

It is a great reminder that there are times, in business and in life, the most efficient and effective thing you can do for yourself or your clients is nothing. Just wait for the most opportune time to make your move. What is a time where patience or biding your time has led to a better outcome for you?

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